Submission Guidelines for Redux

~Redux is closed to unsolicited submissions. We are not considering work at the present time. ~

For general submission information that applies to work sent during our open reading period and to solicited work, see below:

If you would like your work considered for publication on Redux:

First, some general guidelines:

Your story/essay/poems must have been previously published in a print edition of a literary journal (national or college student run). The journal will be credited as such:  This piece previously appeared in XYZ Journal.  It’s okay if the journal is no longer being published, though you must provide some documentation of its existence upon request.

You must have republication rights. You may have these rights via contract or in an email from the journal. We may ask for proof. We very definitely respect intellectual property rights, and we’re not trying to make any enemies here…so if a journal gets fussy about rights, your piece will immediately come down.

Your story/essay/poems must not appear elsewhere on the internet, including on your own blog/Tumblr/etc.

You are welcome to include your piece in a future book/collection.  Please find it in your heart to offer a tiny credit line to Redux!

No novel excerpts: the rights issues seem too complicated.  Sorry.

We also regret that we are unable to accept work that has previously appeared in a chapbook or anthology. In short, we are exclusively interested in work that has been previously published in a literary journal.

Please resist the temptation to revise your work at this point.

If your work has previously appeared on Redux, we ask that you refrain from submitting during this period (unless specifically invited by the editors). We would like to feature new writers at this time. 

Length: No more than 7500ish words for fiction/creative nonfiction.  Up to three poems for poetry.

The goal is to find work from years gone by…from, dare we say, before the internet was invented?  Certainly before journals started regularly posting work online.  What do you have that’s old but SO DAMN GOOD that it kind of kills you inside that it’s sitting on a shelf somewhere, printed in a beautiful font but unread, practically forgotten?  That’s what we want to see.

Since the purpose of this journal is to get excellent, published work back out into the world, we ask that writers published on Redux commit to using social media and/or the web to spread the word about their publication (i.e. link to the piece on your blog or author website, post a Facebook link to the piece, tweet).

And specifically:
To be considered for publication on Redux, please email in one file or in the text of the email ONE story or ONE essay or up to THREE poems* to: reduxlj (at) gmail (dot) com  [*Poets: Your work may be from different journals.] 

Please include the name of the journal(s) in which your story/essay/poems first appeared and the year of publication.  

Also include previous publication history and a brief bio. 

Preference will be given to work with older publication dates.

If your piece is selected, you will receive some very specific (though not burdensome) formatting instructions for the piece and you may be asked to provide proof of your republication rights.  Pieces that are incorrectly formatted may be returned for further work or even, regretfully, declined. You will also be asked to write a brief introduction to your piece a la Best American Short Stories style*…why is this one of your favorite pieces? What is notable about the writing process? What inspired you to write it? We’ll also run your (brief) bio.  [*Poets: You may address each of your poems, or you may choose to focus on one.]

Response time:  You can generally expect to hear back within four(ish) months after the the open reading period closes.

Alas…there is no payment involved at this time, though you will have the comfort of knowing your work has found an additional audience.

A new piece will be posted once a week.  To stay updated, subscribe! (column on the right, at the top of the screen) If your work is accepted, you will be notified when it is posted, which may be six months to a year after acceptance.

Questions:  reduxlj (at) gmail (dot) com